The lost hugs of 2020

Arms twitch with the thwarted desire to pull in close a loved one.

Covid rules dictate, with the power of reason and a brutal command.

We hold back, protecting life while hearts break. 

                                                                                              Lucia Wilson 2020              

As this horrendous year draws to its close, I wanted to reflect on one element that will have affected us all, the loss of human touch; a hug is the simplest expression of love in all its forms. It made me think about all the lost hugs of 2020; the saddest example of all must surely be where people have died without an embrace from their loved ones.

Here’s to 2021 when, in time, we will be able to hug again.

Lucia x

Published by luciawilsonwriter

Lucia Wilson is a British-born Anglo-Burmese writer of lyrics, poetry and stories for all ages.

One thought on “The lost hugs of 2020

  1. Indeed that is sad but thoughtful reflection…
    Of the lost hug

    Thanks for your awareness of ‘lost hugs’


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