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Costa is a Greek cat who lives very happily in the pretty resort of Nikatsa on the island of Corfu. It’s a quiet little cove, far from the noise and bustle of the city. However, as the tourist season comes to an end, Costa knows he must leave his home and head to Corfu Town for the winter and he isn’t looking forward to it one bit. Alone and homeless, how will he manage?

I am delighted to announce that my new book, Costa the Cat in Corfu is now available on Amazon. Frans Wesselman, a highly commended Dutch artist/illustrator and glass artist, has created some wonderful illustrations. You can see more of his creations at his site .

Millie loves the colours pink and purple and has her best adventures on purple-coat days. When she spotted a very small pirate ship on the beach near her home, she knew it was the the beginning of an extraordinary day. Millie quickly put on her purple coat, and with the help of her secret wings, she soon reached the little ship and its mysterious owner.

Millie and the Pirate Moon is available on Amazon

The Adventures of Cedric is available on various sites, including Amazon and the American Book Center in Amsterdam. Cedric has had quite a few adventures already and if you would like to know more about him, please go to Cedric the Bear.

Cedric and the Button Bear – click to listen to the opening pages

There are more children’s stories coming soon, including Reggie Ruby, the Pirate of the Trees and Mrs Purl and the Noisy Guests. Lucia x

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