Buon Anno! Happy New Year! Bonne Annee!

2022 has arrived like a gleaming express train; we are invited to hop on board to an unknown destination.   It’s easy to think of a new year as just the same old, same old or a list of onerous resolutions that sets us up to fail before we even finish writing it.  Some marketeers will be floggingContinue reading “Buon Anno! Happy New Year! Bonne Annee!”

Without love, there would be no jewellery.

 Burmese Rubies When Robert Renconta arrived in England from Burma in 1957 with his beloved wife, Emily, and their three children, he was easily the most handsome man in the Customs Hall.  He wore a formal, grey three-piece suit with a pristine white shirt; he looked like a diplomat.  The only flamboyant feature in hisContinue reading “Without love, there would be no jewellery.”

Seeds of Hope

Spring has arrived! How are you feeling? Have your shoulders loosened? Have you put away your heavy winter coat in favour of something lighter, brighter? Covid restrictions are still in place but we need to dream, small or big. My big dream is of travelling, but that’s not an option right now. A smaller, moreContinue reading “Seeds of Hope”

The lost hugs of 2020

Arms twitch with the thwarted desire to pull in close a loved one. Covid rules dictate, with the power of reason and a brutal command. We hold back, protecting life while hearts break. Lucia Wilson 2020 As this horrendous year draws to its close, I wanted to reflect on one element that will have affectedContinue reading “The lost hugs of 2020”

A Christmas story for 2020

Are you struggling to get into the mood for Christmas this year? If so, this might help! You can read all about Cedric’s Christmas adventure here (download for free). If you are sharing this story with young children, I do want to let you know that the story has a reference to covid-19. I wouldContinue reading “A Christmas story for 2020”

The eternal power of the sea

The sea has always been a source of creative inspiration across many art forms. On National Poetry Day, I want to share one of my favourite poems, Sea Fever by John Masefield, accompanied by a lovely artwork from Anne Bowes, illustrator and jewellery designer. I think the poem has a soothing rhythm, like the lappingContinue reading “The eternal power of the sea”

“Art is balm to the brain…”

…declared Sherlock Homes. I agree with the Great Detective. It was a real pleasure to visit the first exhibition #londongradshow I have seen since the covid lockdown; and what balm it was to my battered brain!The Saatchi Gallery did a great thing by helping to bring about this combined Grad Show when it looked likeContinue reading ““Art is balm to the brain…””

Have you seen the sky today?

Alarm clockBathroom mirrorDodgy reflectionBreakfast TVChirpy presentersCaffeine injectionUnderground warriors battle for seatsStruggle for dominanceOffice doorComputer switch-onLights and… .. ACTION! Email, voicemail,males and femalesGreetings, meetings,decisions, decisionsOutcome, plans andhuman factorsNegotiation,confrontation,solutions and laughter.Some flirty lies, as time flies, the daynearly overThe players bow to muteapplause, retreat commencesJourney reversedroutine well-rehearsed,with occasional abstentions Alarm seteyes close as sleep lays preyBut here’sContinue reading “Have you seen the sky today?”