“Art is balm to the brain…”

…declared Sherlock Homes. I agree with the Great Detective.

It was a real pleasure to visit the first exhibition #londongradshow I have seen since the covid lockdown; and what balm it was to my battered brain!
The Saatchi Gallery did a great thing by helping to bring about this combined Grad Show when it looked like Covid.19 had put a stop to everything – a very creative solution! And the great news is that this show has now been extended.

I took some photos of the works I really liked. The picture quality is not great – far better to go and see the works for yourself.  Feast your eyes!

you can find out more about the artists above on Instagram 
@helendearartist @pei_soilmixgrass @hyunwookpainting_ @xu.yang- 

Published by luciawilsonwriter

Lucia Wilson is a British-born Anglo-Burmese writer of lyrics, poetry and stories for all ages.

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