Buon Anno! Happy New Year! Bonne Annee!

2022 has arrived like a gleaming express train; we are invited to hop on board to an unknown destination.  

It’s easy to think of a new year as just the same old, same old or a list of onerous resolutions that sets us up to fail before we even finish writing it.  Some marketeers will be flogging diets and fitness plans (whilst others have just finished selling us Christmas excess and indulgence!), telling us we’re not good enough, whilst offering to fix us for just 9.99. 

I think of the start of a new year as a blank page in a fresh, new notebook and it’s up to me what I put down.  I really welcome the chance for a mental reboot.  New Year’s Day isn’t a magic wand to take away all the bad things, but it does offer us something that money cannot buy – hope.

I hope 2022 brings you all that you need and all that you wish for!  Lucia x

Published by luciawilsonwriter

Lucia Wilson is a British-born Anglo-Burmese writer of lyrics, poetry and stories for all ages.

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