The lost hugs of 2020

Arms twitch with the thwarted desire to pull in close a loved one. Covid rules dictate, with the power of reason and a brutal command. We hold back, protecting life while hearts break. Lucia Wilson 2020 As this horrendous year draws to its close, I wanted to reflect on one element that will have affectedContinue reading “The lost hugs of 2020”

Have you seen the sky today?

Alarm clockBathroom mirrorDodgy reflectionBreakfast TVChirpy presentersCaffeine injectionUnderground warriors battle for seatsStruggle for dominanceOffice doorComputer switch-onLights and… .. ACTION! Email, voicemail,males and femalesGreetings, meetings,decisions, decisionsOutcome, plans andhuman factorsNegotiation,confrontation,solutions and laughter.Some flirty lies, as time flies, the daynearly overThe players bow to muteapplause, retreat commencesJourney reversedroutine well-rehearsed,with occasional abstentions Alarm seteyes close as sleep lays preyBut here’sContinue reading “Have you seen the sky today?”